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The "blind" ten fingers typing is the faster and convenient method to write using the computer keyboard and with TutoreDattilo and with patience and persistence, in a short time you will be successful.

The program propose, by default, a set of exercises (optimized according to the keyboard layout) subdivided in three skill levels with increasing difficulties, which let better quickly the typing speed and precision. Furthermore, with the utility Editor Dattilo installed with the program, it is possible to self create in a easy way, personalized exercises, also in different languages, which difficult range at a free choice. All exercises can be practiced as "beginner" or "Advanced"; this to differentiate the score assignment and to incite, almost at the beginning, the spur to learn.


TutoreDattilo gives many kind of help to facilitate the learning of the "blind" typing, the most important are:
  • the coloured keyboard (the colour is associated to the finger which must tap the key with the right and left hand)
  • the "hand icons" which graphically show the finger to use
  • the keys highlighted with the effect "pressed key" which show the key to
  • the dynamic bar showing the typing
  • the encouraging message that at the end of each typed phrase does a comparison with the previous phrase and indicates the keystrokes per minute and points out the
  • the phrase background that blinks and the sound signalize the
  • the option to print the
  • a graphic symbol that changes colour and image according to the
  • the function that highlights the key to press, that shows the mistakes and the wrong key
  • the possibility to execute texts in *.txt format
  • the possibility to display the keyboard in 2D or 3D
  • the possibility to save the achieved position in the typing course
Furthermore, at the end of each exercise, is possible to visualize and print a detailed report about the partial and global obtained results. That report indicate also the speed and score obtained in each exercise, the global keystrokes, the typing speed average, the mistakes and the global errors/keystrokes ratio.

Among the most important new features in the TutoreDattilo version 7.0, there are:
  • the new functionally list to the choice of exercises
  • the new section of the program Train & Play intends to offer, in a funny but useful way, a diversion to the normal learning path of typewriting, using two different exercises which aim to increase precision and speed in writing.
Furthermore, some graphic changes complete the innovation of these version.

TutoreDattilo is available for the following keyboards layout: Italian (embedded phrases in Italian), Swiss (embedded phrases in Italian, optimized for the Swiss keyboard), qwerty U.S.A. (embedded phrases in English), Russian (embedded phrases in Russian) French (embedded phrases in French) and German (embedded phrases in German). Each version of the program is provided with a typing course particularly for the keyboard in use.

TutoreDattilo by Claudio Gucchierato | Sito by Mauro Rossi @ 2008